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Events Medical Services Ltd
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At EMS we can provide you with the complete package of medical cover, right through from the planning stage to post-event reporting. We can supply all your medical requirements, from a single first aider to a full field hospital with ambulance, pharmacy and logistic support.
Your objective is simple; to run an event which is enjoyed by all who attend it, and which is remembered for all the right reasons. At the back of your mind though you know that there is the ever-present risk of accident or sudden illness, which can affect either your staff or visitors.

Naturally you want to ensure that you have medical cover in place to deal with such problems calmly and professionally, and with minimal disruption to your event. You also want the reassurance of knowing that the medical cover you have organised is the best available, and meets the ever-increasing number of guidelines and regulations in place.

This is where EMS Ltd come to your aid; we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive and professional service to event organisers. We tailor our service to the specific needs of your event, leaving you secure in the knowledge that, should the worst happen, you have the support of a highly trained team ready to come to the aid of your staff and visitors.


Mr Neil Broadhurst Operations Director


Medical Support